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In addition to all the lies and misinformation that abounds with internet marketing, there are some that have become mythical and almost legendary. It's almost a rite of passage, and once you get a real sense for what is true, then success is much easier to find. You should be aware of the following 3 internet marketing myths so you will be armed just a little more in your business. contest burner

The first online internet marketing myth is that if you get ranked highly by the search engines, you will make a lot of money. This is not true because getting a high rank does not mean high profits. You have to use targeted keywords to get targeted traffic to your website. For instance, if your site talks about "dog training" and has articles about dogs, you must have dog related keywords so that people will want to visit. Don't forget that your keywords must be very targeted and not too generic. Your SEO work should concentrate on driving traffic that gets sales and not just any traffic. Yet another myth applicable to the offline business is that if the businesses you compete against are not online, then you don't really need to be online, either. That is actually an incredible opportunity for you because you can really get in there and clean-up online if you do it. Once you do have a website built, or if you have an existing one, then if search engine marketing appeals to you be sure you have it properly SEO'd for whatever your search terms are for your location. Typically, local terms do not receive a lot of traffic, and that is why you need to use as many as possible because they do add up. No matter what, it's always in your interest to have a website because it is versatile, and if you optimize it then a high search engine ranking will only help you. contest burner bonus

Be very careful about drawing too many conclusions from the number of hits you're to your website. It's easy to think you're doing things right if you have a lot of hits, but you need to make sure the quality of traffic is right for your site. Tons of hits (traffic) but no sales will necessitate some rethinking about your keywords, traffic source, even your market. How targeted is your traffic, and are you using buying keywords or shopping and browsing keywords?

In conclusion, this article explains that you have to know the ins and outs of internet marketing if you want to be successful.

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